Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

Get high-quality Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Springs direct from our factory. Durable and reliable for your electronic devices.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Product Name
Button Spring
Business Mode
Factory OEM
Material Standard
GB 4357-09 or Equivalent
Wire Range
From Min 0.1mm(0.004inch) to Max 12mm(0.48inch)
Winding Direction
Left and Right
End Type
Customized Shapes Available
Surface Treatment
Sn Plated
Coating Thickness
8~10 Micrometer
Testing Method
Random Sample Inspection
GB Standard, Grade II or as Per Your Requirement
Spring Rate Tolerance
Aql Level
Aql 1.0
Packing Method
OPP Bags with Blank Carton
Normal Carton Size
23X23X31/Cm with No Mark
ISO9001, SGS, RoHS, CE, Ts16949
Transport Package
Carton and Outer Wooden Case
Wenzhou, China
HS Code
Production Capacity
1, 000, 000 Pieces Per Month

Product Description

Product Description

Sn plated 0.4mm PCB touch panel button spring

Helically wound metal springs made of round metal wire. Types of metal wire may vary in type and size.

#1 ATTN: Read This Before Buying 

A. Due to the internet and computer display solutions. The actual products may differ from
the pictures. Please contact our salesmen for further assistance.
B. All the extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, wire forms can be made in customized demands.
C. We appreciate Drawing-Guide Production, Please send us a spring drawing as possible as you can when you inquiry.
D. We appreciate your inquiries and you are welcome all the time!


For a better understanding of your demand, please learn the basics of compression spring manufacturing.
#2 Working Drawing of a Compression spring
Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

#3 Different End Types of Helical Compression springs
There are basically four types of ends, closed & ground, closed & not ground ends, open & ground ends, and open & not ground ends. Below is a diagram for illustration. 
Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

#4 Different Shapes and Applications of Helical Compression Spring
Compression springs are helical or spiral-like-springs. They demonstrate an open-coiled design and react to axis forces to store and return energy. Manufacturers build compression springs into a variety of products, such as Automobile suspensions, Couches, Mattresses, Vending machines, Medical devices, Pacemakers, Pens, Hydraulic, Medical, Lawn equipment, Firearms, Marine industry, Underwater oil rig piping, Watches
Different products require different shapes to meet their demand. The below diagram covers the common shapes of compression springs, such as conical spring, barrel spring, variable pitch spring, straight coil spring(cylinder spring) which are the most common springs, etc.
Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

#4 Available Coating Method
Due to the government's environment policy, all the coating materials are prior to RoHS standards. Please take RoHS standard coating as possible as you can. Below is a table for reference, you can simply learn the cost of each coating method.
Coating Method Cost Does it Meet the RoHS requirement? Remark
Unplated None Yes  
Anti Rust Oil Lowest Yes  
Black Oxide/Oxide Lower Yes  
Normal Zinc coating normal No  
Trivalent Zinc coating High Yes Normally 8~10μ thickness, 48 hours without white rust
Nickel Plated normal Yes  
Electrophoresis Higher Yes  
Painting Very High Yes require a longer delivery time
Stainless steel Washing normal Yes  
Stainless Steel Electro-polish Highest Yes This coating cost more than the others

DOFO Spring provides a win-win service. Below we list answers to some of the questions our customers frequently asked. For anything unsure, please contact us, and we will respond within 12 hours.

Q: Which kind of materials are available? Do they meet RoHS certification?
A: DoFo Spring is able to manufacture different spring types of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms with a large range of High-Grade Spring Steel - Carbon steel - Stainless steel - Music Wire, all comply to the RoHS standard. The wire diameter is available from 0.001 inches to 0.075 inches, which can meet the requirement of different applications.

Q: Do you support orders in small quantity or do you only accept large runs?
A: DoFo Spring manufactures large quantity springs, small quantity springs based on your demand.  We will work with you to choose the most effective solution.

Q: Does DOFO spring offer DESIGN service OR initial ASSISTANCE ON SPRINGS?
A: Our engineers could give initial assistance on the design and advise to lower the production cost. Our engineer has years of experience in spring design. We could provide drawing format in CAD, 3D, and 2D design layout as well as prototype development.

Q: What is the typical lead time for custom springs?
A: The lead time varies in custom springs. For compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms in our mold range, we are able to deliver within 25 days. However, for some complex shapes of springs, the delivery time would be around 30~40 days.

Q: Do you charge custom spring samples?
A: We make the custom springs sample charge as a subscription of formal order. In other words, the sample charge could be refunded when we receive the order. However, if your sample requires an additional mold, we will charge it.

Q: If we order large quantity springs, will you house the springs, wire forms, and ship to us based on a required basis?
A: Our warehouse provides specific stock service for long term business. You can make your shipment schedule on an annual, monthly basis. We will ship on a specific schedule.

Q: What payment term do we accept for spring orders?
A: We could accept payment terms based on T/T, L/C at sight, DP, Westunion.
Company Profile

Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button SpringSn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

Our Advantages

Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button SpringSn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

If any question, please contact us directly.
Sn Plated 0.4mm PCB Touch Panel Button Spring

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