China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

Get durable China factory leaf spring for truck suspension from our factory. We use high-quality materials to ensure top performance and long-lasting reliability.
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Basic Info.

Suspension Spring
Conventional Leaf Spring
Surface Treatment
Peening & Painting
Leaf, Clip, Center Bolt
Transport Packing
Semi Trailer, Truck
Transport Package
China Wondeeauto
Production Capacity
100000 Tons/Year

Product Description

  China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension
1. On Wondee leaf springs Since 1999
2. 20 years experience on semi trailers and components
3. 1 year Quality warranty
4. ISO, TS16949 Certificate
5. 7x16 hours service
6. Customized ODM OEM leaf springs available 
7. 4 Global Offices
China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

A leaf spring is the most widely used elastic element in automobile suspensions.

It is an approximate equal strength steel beam composed of several alloy spring sheets of equal width and unequal length. Its main function is to transmit all forces and moments between wheels and frames, relax impactive load caused by the road surface and realize vehicle guidance, make vehicles normal drive.

Leaf springs are widely applied to suspensions for heavy duty trucks, light duty trucks, pick-ups, cars, skeletal trailers, lowbed trailers, flatbed trailers, oil tank trailers, van trailers, wood transport trailers, gooseneck trailers, agricultrucal vehicles, etc. Classification of Leaf Springs include Conventional leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, Z type air linkers, TRA leaf springs, trailer leaf springs,light duyt trailer spring, boat trailer springs, pickup leaf springs, semi trailer springs, truck springs, farming/agricultural trailer springs, sprung drawbar, bus springs, bogie/boogie springs, heavy truck springs, etc.

WONDEE Leaf Springs Features

QC management system Implementing IATF 16949-2016
Services quality management system Implementing ISO 9001-2015
Product technical standards Implementing GB/T 19844-2018, GT/T 1222-2007
Warranty 12 months since shipping date
Quality testing by Stiffness Testing Machine, Arc Height Sorting Machine, and Fatigue Testing Machine, etc.
Raw material Top 3 steel mills in China
Flat bar cutting & center hole punching By fully automatic CNC cutting & punching production line
Center hole positioning tolerance: <±0.2 mm
Cutting length tolerance: <±2 mm
Leaf spring eye rolling Use automatic CNC leaf eye rolling machines, robot assistance, dedicated molds   and toolings to guarantee below features:
1) Perpendicularity tolerance <1% x leaf width
2) Parallelism tolerance< 1% x leaf width
3) Eye diameter tolerance<±0.5 mm
4) Width tolerance of leaf end: -0.5mm ~ 0 mm   
Leaf tapering/parabolic rolling Use automatic CNC parabolic taper rolling machines, robot assistance, dedicated   molds and toolings to guarantee below features:
1) Taper thickness allowance: <±0.25mm
2) Width tolerance of leaf end: -0.5mm~0 mm
Heat treatment lines 1) Heating line:
The large-scale automatic CNC temperature control heating furnace not only ensures the heating time but also ensures that the temperature in the furnace reaches the   design value (the temperature difference is within ±5 degrees), ensures that the leaf springs are heated evenly, and avoids excessively high or low temperatures, thereby ensuring the strength of the leaf springs and the service life limit meets the Crequirements.
2) Quenching & camber making line:
Use special CNC quenching equipment, mechanical oil, camber making machines and robot assistance to ensure that the quenching temperature, quenching time and cambers reach the design requirements.
3) Tempering line:

A dedicated CNC tempering production lines are used to ensure that the tempering temperature and the tempering time meet the design requirements. 

So as to ensure the strength and service life of leaf springs.

Camber tolearance (mm) ≤±6 (Exceed spring industry standard ±7)
Fatigue life (cycles) >120,000+( Exceed spring industry standard 100,000 cycles)
Hardness 41HRC~48HRC
Shot peening Using special leaf spring shot blasting machines, the new and used steel shots are   mixed for use. On the one hand, the new steel shots increase the deformation of the springs. On the other hand, the used steel shots have no edges and corners to avoid microcracks on the surface of the springs, thereby increasing the fatigue life.   
Painting Normal painting and E-coating are available.
*E-coating finish line: paint film is uniform and plump, with strong adhesion and high anti-corrosion performance, to avoid dripping, flow marks, stagnation marks and other problems.
* Salt spray test >100 hours

* Clients' logo are supported 

* Design marks or stickers for clients, free of charge

Other inspection equipment *Metallographic Microscope,
*Carbon Furnace

*Carbon & Sulfur Combined Analyzer, and 

*Hardness Tester, etc.

Oversea sales volume (tons) 14,000+
Overseas market 30+ countries ( German, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Filand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecualor, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Panama, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc)
Clients (overseas) 91+
Land area (square meters) 30,000+
Tons of annual output 35,000+
Number of equipments (sets) 200+
Number of employees 260+
Number of engineers 10+
Available certificates COC, PVOC, CIQ, SONCAP, BV, C/O, FORM E, FORM A.

Comprehensive Info of  Leaf Spring:

Leaf spring types Conventional leaf springs, parabolic leaf springs, Z type air linkers, TRA leaf springs, trailer leaf springs, boat trailer springs, pickup leaf springs, semi trailer springs, truck springs, farming/agricultural trailer springs, sprung drawbar, bus springs,   bogie/boogie springs, heavy truck springs, light duty trailer springs/small springs, etc.
Materials grade: SUP7, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP10, SUP11, SUP11A and SUP12
60Si2Mn, 55CrMnA, 60CrMnBA, 50CrVA, 60CrMnBA, 60Si2CrA
61SiCr7, 55Cr3, 60CrB3, 51CrV4
9260, 5155, 5160, 6150, 51B60, 9254
Spring width range (mm) 44.5~125 mm
Spring thickness (mm) 6~50 mm
Colors Red, shinning black, dark black, grey, blue, as required.
Optional parts, components, & related parts Centor bolts, clamps, 

Copper bushes, bi-metal bushes, steel rubber bushings, rubber bushes, nylon bushes. 

U-bolts, brackets, pins.

Package Fumigated wooden pallets, steel pallets, as required.
Standards implemented IATF 16949-2016, ISO 9001-2015, GB/T 19844-2018, GT/T 1222-2007
Payment terms TT, LC, DP.
Lead time About 25~35 working days.
MOQ 60 pcs


China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

WONDEE hot selling leaf springs OEM numbers:

1 SH63-1430-FA 31 8-97092-445-1-FA 61 911B-0508-R2 91 SCN-1421061-RH 121 41310-80010-RA
2 55020-1T400-HA 32 8-94118-505-1-HA 62 911B-1102A-F1 92 SCN-1303972 122 55020-Z5106-RA
3 MC031096-HA 33 8-97073-224-M-HA (5L) 63 48220-5891A-R1 93 SCN-1421060-LH 123 48210-3V610-RA
4 54010-01Z17-FA 34 97073-225M-HA (9L) 64 352-320-1302-F1 94 XCMG- 9020-1780-F1 124 55020-G6105-RA
5 48120-5380B-FA 35 8-97073-224M-RA 65 FCP37-R1 95 XCMG- 9020-1780-F2 125 8-97070-508M-RA
6 1-51110-051M-FA 36 48110-60391W-FA 66 FCP37A-R1 96 XCMG- 9020-1780-F3 126 MC114890-RA
7 1377695-RA 37 MB294032-FA 67 48210-60742 97 MK383732-FA 127 48210-87C14-HA
8 257888-FA 38 54010 31Z61-FA 68 48210-8891A-R1 98 3V610-HA 5L 128 8-97070-508M-HA
9 29FDZ1-02010 FA 39 352-320-1302-FA 69 70×11×1300 M12.5 99 MC114890 RA 129 HNIT300-FA
10 352525 40 48110-3V790-FA 70 60×7×1300 M10.5 100 CW53-02Z61-FA 130 TD50M3-RA
11 CW53-02Z61HD-FA 41 621 320 0002 RA 71 HOWO90161800 101 SH63-1430-FA-HD 131 55020-Z2302-RA
12 48220-3430-HA 42 48210-2341 72 833150P-R1 102 227-M-FA-0 132 55010-C1301-HA
13 55020-Z9001-HA 43 51310-7800-RA 73 833150P-R2 103 3W920-FA-3L 133 48210-5180B-HA
14 55020-Z3001-RA 44 54010-Z3007-FA 74 833150P-R3 104 3V790-RA+HA 3L 134 720612-TA-12.5
15 624 320 0006 RA 16L 45 48110-5570A-FA 75 55020-Z5176-H1 105 48120-5380B-M20 FA 135 48220-3360B
16 54010-G5500MH-FA-HD 46 101199SC-RA 76 48110-5350A-F2 106 W023-34-010B-FA 136 48220-3430A-RA
17 1915-90-30-41 47 48120-4340-FA 77 48110-5350A-F1 107 8-94118-505-1-RA 137 CAMC RA
18 MK 382877R 48 1-51340-010-0-HA 78 48210-2002B-R1 108 8-94101-345-0-FA 138 29AD-02010-B FA
19 48110-87338A-FA 49 0178-01-TA 79 48210-5180B-R 109 54010-1T700-FA 139 0022-RA 2L
20 48210-87C37A-RA 50 54010-Z2006A-FA 80 48220-3430A-R2 110 265627-FA 140 55022-1T400-RA
21 48210-87C14-RA 51 48110-8780A-FA 81 48210-5180B-R2 111 W782-28-010-RA 141 21200078 TA
22 48150-1890A-FA 52 54011-99117-FA 82 269087-R2 112 W782-34-010-FA 142 257653 RA
23 48210-830T0-RA 53 48150-2341A-FA 83 470131-R1 113 8-97092-450-M-FA 143 257654 RA
24 8-94343-130-0-RA 54 48150-2341A-FA-HD 84 470131-R2 114 535173-RA 144 257847 RA
25 8-94343-082-M-FA 55 55020-Z0073A-RA 85 09475-01-T1 115 1-51300-524-0-RA 145 972015M-TA
26 MK310031-FA 56 257624M-R1 86 EZ9K869691101-F1 116 1-51130-433-0-FA 146 257867 FA
27 48110-87334-FA 57 54010-01Z17-F3H 87 EZ9K869691101-F2 117 1-51300-524-0-HA    
28 TYT 48210-OK020HD 58 54010-NB100-F3 88 EZ9K869691102-F1 118 MB339052-RA    
29 8-97092-449 FA 59 MK306251-R1 89 EZ9K869691102-F2 119 MR448147A-RA    
30 48110-3V700-FA 60 911B-0508-R1 90 EZ9K869691102-F3 120 MC110354-FA    

Workshops  of WONDEE Autoparts leaf springs :

China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

Processes & equipment  of WONDEE Autoparts leaf springs :
China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension
(1. Flat bar cutting and hole punching→ 2. Spring ends processing→ 3. CNC automatic eye rolling→ 4. Spring heating→ 5. Spring quenching→ 6. Spring tempering→ 7. Spring shot peening→ 8. Leaf spring assembling→ 9. Spring e-painting)

QC equipment  of WONDEE Autoparts leaf springs :

China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension
(Material Metallographic analysis, spring spectral analysis, raw material inspection, eyes inspection, spring camber inspection, spring hardness test, salt spray test, fagigue life test, spring rate test)

Warehousing & Logistics  of WONDEE Autoparts leaf springs: 
China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension
Wondee leaf springs Specification:

1.Leaf spring raw material source: Our spring flat bar is from the top 1 steel material supplier in China.
2.Color: Red, shinning black, dark black, grey, blue leaf spring.
3.Materials: 60Si2Mn,SUP6,SUP7,SUP9,SUP9A,SUP10,SUP11 and SUP11A are available.
4.Certificate: ISO9001; TS16949; COC; PVOC; CIQ; SONCAP; BV; C/O; FORM E.
5.Suitable for Truck, trailer and bus leaf springs : ,MAN,,TOYOTA,BPW,RANDON,UAZ ,MERCEDES- BENZ,DAF,,HOWO,CIMC
6.Our products are popular in the worldwide market, including North American, South American, European, African
  Wondee leaf spring has reached more than 100 countries.

Wondee leaf springs Advantage:
01.No Rust problem + Perfect looking
>> Single leaf by electrophoretic painting(Optional)
>> Sembling spring by electrostatic painting(Optional)
Benefits for customers
>> Salt spray testing > 500 hours beat general industrial level 200 hours,avoid rust possiblity
>> Perfect-looking -- uniform painting, complete painting, no scratch
02. Pre shot-peening
>> Make shot peening under rated capacity
Benefits for customers
>> 180,000 times fatigue life beat general level 150,000 times; 
>> bear heavier capacity and use longer time; 
03. Pre-pressing and adjust
>> Make pre-pressing under rated capacity 
>> Select camber by computer
Benefits for customers
>> Guarantee reasonable camber and keep smallest tolerance, 
>> select out leaf spring whose camber is not qualified

China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

Conventional OEM Steel Truck Trailer Leaf Spring Production Process:

Q: How do you guarantee quality?
A: We take quality inspect records from raw material to finished product.
   The former department bear 100% responsibility for next process.
Q: Can you produce if we have samples only?
A: Our technical ability is strong enough to deal with different types of spring.
   Sample drawing and customers' interests will be protected well.
Q: Is it possible to have sample for quality testing?
A: Same or similar sample are available for free.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: For common material size, MOQ requires 30~50 pcs;
   For special material size, Moq requires 3 ton or more;
Q: What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T, L/C, Western Union,
Q: How do customers evaluate WONDEE?.
A: I must say that you have solved this problem very well.
   It is always best to be open and solve these kind of problems in best possible way for both of us.

Components & spare parts  of WONDEE Autoparts leaf springs 

China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension
Besides trailer Leaf springs   ,  WONDEE also Supply semi trailer parts as belows:
Skeletal semi-trailers flatbed semi-trailers container semi-trailers low bed semi-trailers
van semi-trailers fuel tank semi-trailers logging semi-trailers Fence Semi trailers
Spare Parts:      
Leaf spring, flat bar, Chassis, H-beam
Air suspension, mechanic suspension, bogie Coupling,
Axle  air chamber, slack adjuster hitch. 
Brake drum brake shoe brake lining wheel hub
tubeless wheel rims, tube wheel rims, Aluminum wheel rim wheel bolt
u bolt center bolt hub bolt twist lock,
Turntable, 5th wheel,  landing gear, king pin,

China Factory Leaf Spring for Truck Suspension

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