Spec Compression Spring Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

Find high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel compression springs at our factory. Our Spec Compression Spring is durable and reliable. Order yours now!
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Compression springs are a type of open-coil helical spring that resist axial compression forces. These springs are typically coiled at a constant diameter, but they can also be coiled in other shapes such as conical, barrel, hourglass, or a combination of these shapes. They are wound over a rod or fitted inside a hole. When a load is applied, the spring compresses and then pushes back to regain its original shape. Compression springs provide resistance to linear compressing forces.

Characteristics of Compression Springs: Compression springs are the most commonly used type of springs. Their main function is to oppose compression, meaning that when a compression force is applied, the spring compresses. Once the compression force is removed, the spring returns to its original shape and form.

Measurements of Compression Springs: We offer compression springs in various diameters, including Spring Steel with a wire diameter of 0.15 to 90 mm, Square Wire with a diameter of up to 20 mm, and Stainless Steel with a diameter of 0.15 to 60 mm. The spring material can be customized according to the client's requirements.

Configurations: The most common configuration for compression springs is the straight coil, where the diameter remains constant throughout the length of the spring. This configuration is the standard type for stock compression springs. Compression springs can also be concave, conical, or convex in shape.

Key Parameters: Important parameters to consider when dealing with compression springs include the inner diameter, outer diameter, wire diameter, free length, and solid height.

Applications of Compression Springs: Compression springs have a wide range of applications, from the automotive industry to large stamping presses, major appliances, railways, the pulp and paper industry, lawnmowers, and medical devices. They are also used in electronics and cell phones.

Spec Compression Spring Heavy Duty Stainless Steel


raw materials we   
process on

stainless steel,Music wire  Carbon steel(SWC),Alloy steel SEA9260/9254/6150/SUP9/SUP10/SUP12,51CrV4,etc.

material diameter or thickness


workcraft or process

CNC processing, mannual work

surface treatment

painting, electroplating, polishing , blacken etc


Industrial facilities.automobiles,  Motorcycles, electronics, Sports facilities, telecommunications products etc

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plastic bags,and then cartons ,  wooden or plastic 


By sea  from Ningbo or shanghai, by air from Shanghai or Hangzhou 


Spec Compression Spring Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

Our testing faciltis.
We strictly control our springs quality . We do not only promise in oral, let the facilities speak.

Spec Compression Spring Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

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Spec Compression Spring Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

The applications of the compression springs


Because of their versatility, compression springs can be used in many applications, including:

  • Medical toolings or facilities
  • Electronics
  • Precision instruments and tools
  • Industrial facilities
  • Mining and drilling toolings
  • Pens or notebooks
  • Toys

Compression springs are undoubtedly  used in  our everyday lives,   everyday products, machines, etc.

The Industries that Use Compression Springs

Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that produce products for various industries use compression springs in many of their products. 

  • Industrial production lines
  • Transportation vechiles
  • Construction facilities
  • Materials handling
  • Agriculture machines
  • Petrochemical
  • Aeronautical 

1.Is Bosswinn a  manufacturer ?

A: We are a manufacturer, the business owner has 2 factories producing springs, machining part, stamping parts

2. When is the delivery time?

A: 10 and 15 days , one month in the peak seasons

3. What is the MOQ?

For the initial order , any quantity ok. For the mass production order, 10000 pcs better.

4. What's your payment method?

 : T/T, L/C, Western Unions,  

5. How can we confirm the samples?

Free samples are offered,  

What are the advantages of working with Bosswin?

Bosswin boasts more than 30 years of experience in the metal springs industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure excellent quality and a remarkably high production capacity. Additionally, we have the capability to design and manufacture any type of spring according to the specific requirements of our buyers.

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