Daye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects

Daye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects. We are a factory specializing in high-quality, versatile springs for various applications.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Protective Cone Crusher
Product Name
Maintain The Cone Machine
Long Life, Stable Work
Carton Packing
The International Standard, ISO / CD11891
Spring Type
Production Time
15-20 Days
Design Style
Industrial Style
Application Scenarios
Industrial Architecture
Transport Package
Paper Bag Pallet Container
Jiangxi Ganzhou
HS Code
Production Capacity
10000 Tons/Year

Product Description

Spring cone crusher seriesDaye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Mingyu series Simmons series 1750Spring  S155Spring
Type /Quantity/Set (mm/N)Rate (mm)Diameter of line (mm) Outer   Free height
S75 35 496 25 114 406
  5 545.8 25 114 375
S155 56 521 27 124 445
S240 60 1110 35 140 597
  10 1216 35 140 508
S400 112 432 38 167 866.8
  16 644.7 35 168 777.8
1400 60 510 28 125 522
1650 60 767 32 136 604
1750 60 596 35 156 728
2200 80 596 35 156 749
48 60 784.2 30 126 505
1380 60 595 28 122 505
1680 60 784.2 30 126 505
Spring is the protection of cone crusher cone crusher important safety device, when there is not broken objects (such as: iron etc.) into the crushing chamber, fixed crushing wall will be jacked up, the spring to protect action at this time, to protect the normal operation of the cone crusher
Production using the latest internationa standard and national standard GB/T23934-2009ISO/CD11891
According to its working state and the working environment is carefully designed special production process. High rigidity, long service life. stable work.
Mining machinery series of springDaye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Feeder spring  Crusher spring  Spring vibrating screen  Spring cone Crusher  Roll crusher spring  Spring vibrating screen
Mining machinery spring varieties
 produced by our company is complete, covering seven kinds of mining machinery thousands of specifications spring; the main products are: jaw crusher spring,cone crusher spring, roll crusher spring(rolls), counterattack crusher spring, vibrating screen spring.table spring, rock loading machine spring, drilling machine spring and hardware accessories.

Railway spring seriesDaye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Subway Clip Bogie spring  Clip Lnstallation diagram
The company is mainly divided into railway railway spring elastic fastener and railway vehicle bogie spring two categories, the elastic fastener type, type ll, type lll is suitable for various railway; vehicle bogie springs have a freight train,passenger train and the city subway.
Electric power,chemical industry,coke oven series of springDaye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Coke oven spring  Valve springHanger spring  Power spring
Company of electric power,chemical industry, coke oven series products mainly include all kinds of large power switch spring, all kinds of valve spring, a spring of large chemical equipment, spring hanger power plant, chemical plant and other pipeline, the large-scale coke oven spring large coil spring.
Automobile seat frame and spring hardware Daye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Seat spring  The seat frame assembly  Arc Serpentine spring The seat frame  The linear spring seat
The production of various micro car seat frame integral skeleton;skeleton of car seat alignment and various simple steel frame of sofa;provide the snake shaped spring, all kinds of seats required cushion spring, spring series etc..

Automobile gearbox(synchronizer)series of springDaye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects
Gear box series of spring  Circlip(Mitsubishi)   Gear box spring
The company production line of automobile gearbox synchronizer spring products with circlip primarily other gear box spring as auxiliary:there are 100 kinds of automobile synchronizer circlip and gear box spring products. annual production of 10000000 pieces; a strong production capacity and meticulous customer service service. Coupled with product development.professional production, inspection the process won the trust of customers and praise: now has Mobis, Lu'an, Mitsubishi, hippocampus, light truck pickup, BYD, the Great Wall, Chery.Geely synchronizer circlip:
transmission of various large engineering vehicle synchronizer spring.
Civil electronics,stationery,toys spring series
Special-shapespring  Torsional spring   Spring toys
Daye Multi-Series Springs Are Applied in Many Aspects

Adopting international advanced automatic production equipment, production of various uses various  stationery, electronics, electrical appliances, switch on the pressure spring, tension spring, to rsion spring, steel, copper metal shrapnel, electronic card etc..



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