09AA-06 SD Water Pump Spring

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Size:8*50*27  9*50*127  9*50*145  10*50*130  10*50*135  10*50*145  10*50*150  11*56*150  12*56*150

09AA-06 SD Water Pump Spring 09AA-06 SD Water Pump Spring
Product Name volume(mm) weight(g) quantity Single weight(g)
7×50×127Water pump spring(B)3 Φ79*155   20  
8×50×124Water pump spring(B)3 Φ66*124   20  
8×50×127Water pump spring(B)3 Φ66*127 11.7 20 0.585
8×50×132Water pump spring3(B) Φ66*132   20  
8×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*140 13.8 20 0.69
9×50×123Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*123 15.2 20 0.76
9×50×123Water pump spring Φ68*123   20  
9×50×130Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*130 15 20 0.75
9×50×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*135 15.8 20 0.79
9×50×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*140 16 20 0.8
9×50×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*145 16.2 20 0.81
9×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ68*150 16.3 20 0.815
9×56×130Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*130 16.5 20 0.825
9×56×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*135 16.7 20 0.835
9×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*140 16.8 20 0.84
9×56×143Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*143   20  
9×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*145 16.6 20 0.83
9×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*150 17.3 20 0.865
9×58×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*140 16.85 20 0.8425
9.5×50×130Water pump spring(B) Φ69*130   20 0
9.5×50×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ69*135 17.8 20 0.89
9.5×50×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ69*140 17.85 20 0.8925
9.5×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ75*140 19.8 20 0.99
9.5×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ75*145 19.85 20 0.9925
9×58×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ77*150 18 20 0.9
10×50×123Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*123 18.6 20 0.93
10×50×123Water pump spring(3) Φ70*123   20  
10×50×123Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*123   20  
10×50×127Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*127 18.8 20 0.94
10×50×127Water pump spring(3) Φ70*127   20  
10×50×127Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*127   20  
10×50×130Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*130   20  
10×50×130Water pump spring(3) Φ70*130   20  
10×50×130Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*130 18.7 20 0.935
10×50×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*135   20  
10×50×135Water pump spring(3) Φ70*135 18.8 20 0.94
10×50×135Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*135   20  
10×50×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*140   20  
10×50×140Water pump spring(3) Φ70*140 19.9 20 0.995
10×50×140Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*140   20  
10×50×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*145   20  
10×50×145Water pump spring(3) Φ70*145   20  
10×50×145Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*145   20  
10×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ70*150 20 20  
10×50×150Water pump spring(3) Φ70*150   20  
10×50×150Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ70*150   20  
10×56×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*135 20.4 20 1.02
10×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*140 20.45 20 1.0225
10×56×140Water pump spring(B/R)3 Φ76*140   20  
10×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*145   20  
10×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*150   20  
10×56×150×10.5Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*150   20  
10×58×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*140 21 20 1.05
10×58×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*150 22.35 20 1.1175
10×58×150Water pump spring(3) Φ71*150   20  
10.5×50×135Water pump spring(B)3 Φ71*135   20  
10.5×50×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ71*140 21.8 20 1.09
10.5×50×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ71*145   20  
10.5×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ71*150 21.95 20 1.0975
10.5×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ77*140 22.5 20 1.125
10.5×56×143Water pump spring(B)3 Φ77*143   20  
10.5×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ77*145 22.55 20 1.1275
10.5×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ77*150 22.65 20 1.1325
10.5×56×150Water pump spring(B R)3 Φ77*150   20  
10.5×58×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ79*150 22.8 20 1.14
10×57.5×150Water pump spring3 Φ78*150   20  
11×50×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ72*140 23.7 20 1.185
11×50×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ72*145 25.3 20 1.265
11×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ72*150   20  
11×50×150Water pump spring3 Φ72*150 25.5 20 1.275
11×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*140 25.2 20 1.26
11×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*145 25.3 20 1.265
11×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*150   20  
11×56×150Water pump spring(B R)3 Φ78*150 26.8 20 1.34
11×58×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*150   20  
11.5×50×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ73*150 26.8 20 1.34
11.5×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ73*150 26 20 1.3
11.5×50×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ73*155   20  
11.5×52×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ75*150   20  
11.5×56×145Water pump spring(B)3 Φ79*145 27.3 20 1.365
11.5×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ79*150   20  
11.5×56×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ79*155 30 20 1.5
12×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ74*150   20  
12×54×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*140 30 20 1.5
12×54×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ78*150 29.8 20 1.49
12×56×140Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*140 30.1 20 1.505
12×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*150 30.4 20 1.52
12×56×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*155 32.5 20 1.625
12×56×160Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*160   20  
12×56×165Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*165   20  
12×58×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ82*155   20  
12×60×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ84*155   20  
12×62×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ86*155   20  
13×50×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ76*150 35 20 1.75
13×54×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ80*150 35.6 20 1.78
13×56×150Water pump spring(B)3 Φ82*150 35.8 20 1.79
13×56×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ82*155 36 20 1.8
13×56×175Water pump spring(B)3 Φ82*175 37 20 1.85
13×60×155Water pump spring(B)3 Φ86*155 37.8 20 1.89
13×60×160Water pump spring(B)3 Φ86*160 38 20 1.9
13×60×165Water pump spring(B)3 Φ86*165 38.4 20 1.92
13×60×175Water pump spring(B)3 Φ86*175 38.7 20 1.935

Shunding (SD) spring is the heart of the hydraulic loom.
The advanced technological concept of the same industry of Taiwan and Japan
Combine high-end precision equipment with traditional manual work
Mature and superb processing technology
Create extraordinary quality.
Select Japanese materials, made in Taiwan, sold directly in mainland China, superior cost performance.
Develop more than 70 different specifications of spring products for looms with years of professional experience in textual machinery.
Offer continuous and stable power support for looms and ensure start-up efficiency.
Provide customers with customized solutions as required and help them overcome production difficulties.
"SD" spring products
Have been sold to over 20 countries and regions, win trust and confirmation from customers at home and abroad and come out on top in the market share in the professional field.

Founded at the end of the 1970s, Taiwan Shunding Precision Machinery is a textile machinery enterprise specialized in production, research and development, and marketing in Taiwan and covering its main business in parts for all kinds of looms. It absorbs outstanding technological and management experience from the same industry in Taiwan and Japan and is committed to providing every customer with the best service.
Its subsidiaries in mainland China including Wujiang Shunfang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Shunding Textile Machinery Parts Operation Department, and Heding Textile Machinery Operation Department were founded in Shengze Town, Suzhou City, the city of silk between 2003 and 2009.
Pump spring for looms is one of the company's featured products. Due to its superior quality, outstanding cost performance, and intense research and development strength, it has been sold to various industrial countries worldwide and wins trust and confirmation from customers at home and abroad. It has also come out on top in the market share of the professional field.
09AA-06 SD Water Pump Spring09AA-06 SD Water Pump Spring

Our Good Before & After sale Service:                                                           

1.Good Quality :we cooperated with many stable factories, 
which can guarantee the good quality.

2.Competitive price: factory direct supplier with best price. 

3.Quality guarantee, 100% pretest for each item. we can return the value of the problem goods, 
   if it is our quality factor. 

4.Within 3--5 days can send out to customer checking.

5. 24 hours online and cellphone service making sure prompt response..


Q:What's your main line?
A: different kinds of Textile Machinery Spare Parts, mainly are textile machine parts, Weaving machine parts

Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM Service?
A: Yes, your drawing and sample is very welcome to develop and tooling.

Q:Do you accept LCL/mixed shipment?
A: Yes, we help customers to arrange LCL shipment in order to give them
more supports.

Q:What's your MOQ and its policy ?
A: Our MOQ is 1pc to 100pcs based on different sort of items.

Q:Can you provide free samples?
A: Yes, all the low cost items samples are available and the freight will be on your account.
Customized samples will be discussed specifically with sales.

Q:What's your delivery time?
A: Most items within 10 working days; Hot-sell items within 3 - 5 working days; Costomized and Special items depens on different situation.

Q:What about payment terms?
A: T/T; Paypal; Western Union;Ali-assurance pay.

Q:What's your guaranty?
A: any quality problems found when goods received and tested, we accept return payment or re-send new good condition goods.Long term on-line service.

Q:How about your after-sale service?
A: Yes, we  take after-sale service as our very important issue in our business.
1) If any items delivered with damage or shortage,please kindly show us the photo and numbers for our efficient solution.
Any problem caused by our side would be handled at your satisfaction.
2) Any further video or photo guidance will be done whenever your customer meet assemble difficulty.
3) We are prepared to listen to your feedback and back to you with best solution,under any circumstance.

Packing and Delivery:                                                                          

1.Carton package suitable for air and sea shipment.

2.Delivery normally is one week.





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